Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dumb*ss of the Week

He made me do it. I didn't want to; I wanted to love him like others did; or at least feel that connection, that surge of electricity when he spoke. I wanted to think we had a chance, a moment, our time in space to feel the love in the air. I hoped for so much, yet nothing changed. That's why the dumbass of the week is....


He looks pretty small, doesn't he.

When you don't fight, and when everyone else has taken the spotlight, and when you betray your base of faith-lovers, well, you're not very bright. It's different now, because now we're in a Great Recession, and the Republicans, more than ever, think they own the world. They will give into nothing but themselves, and you just gave into that. We are not held hostage to their demands; but you are. Ironically, we are now held hostage to you. So shape up, grow a pear, or leave the job to someone who is up to the challenge.

--david toussaint (