Friday, May 7, 2010

My Particular Penis

My last column, Mo-Bro, was written awhile back but I've not had a chance to post it until now.

You see, My Particular Penis was in Miami for almost a month, doing what penises so often do: lying in the sun, hitting the beach, thinking for me.

I hope that you like Mo-Bro. The man it was based on has not read it, and, ironically, has a new girlfriend who's madly in love with him, and who's gorgeous. It seems she feels the same way about him. I'm thrilled for both of them.

That particular bathing suit belongs to my friend Rusty, who was kind enough to loan it to me. I grew very fond of it and even took it to SoBe. 
It had a good time.

Well, that's all for new. It's tired and time to get some work done.


Ah, good times. Good Penises.

David Toussaint

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