Monday, March 29, 2010

Past, Tense

Bye Bye David

Dave at 18 ("Bye Bye Birdie," Onstage Theater, Walnut Creek, California.

It's not that these pictures are so old that it's scary; it's that it's my real hair in the photos. I remember going to class the day after one performance and some chick saying to her friend, "Oh My God*, he really has a pompadour."

*OMG was not used back then.

I bring up my past because someone interviewed me for their Reincarnation Blog. And 18 was another life ago. I didn't much care for most of it, and my heart was broken so many times that year. Oddly, the girl who played Kim in the show had a crush on me, as someone in the chorus informed me. She was beautiful and a wonderful singer. I sooooooooo wanted to be straight, because I thought it would be so cool if the two "stars" were dating. But it wasn't meant to be. Her name was Laura--don't know what happened to her; she's probably on Facebook :)

In Latin America News, Gay Like You interviewed me about being, well, gay like me. The gentleman who runs the blog is from Peru, and I told him about one of my first boyfriends in New York, Willie, who was a Peruvian flight attendant-slash-hustler. Curiously, that part of the interview was left out. I loved Willie. He wanted to be a model, and he could have been. We kept in touch for a long time, and I think he put away the hustling shoes for permanent wings.

All for now.

"Give me evidence of its brilliance."--Madonna, "Future Lovers"

you're in the book,
--David Toussaint

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