Friday, March 19, 2010

"The Funny Pit"

Enter At Your Own Risk...

My blog had to go on vacation as I've spent the past month chasing down freelance checks. Exhausting work, this getting what is owed to you. I wrote a column for EDGE, called "The Funny Pit."

The Funny Pit

I hope that you enjoy it. I saw "The Blind Side" the night before the Oscars. Oy. Sandra Bullock is such a fine actor, and that was such a bad movie.

Regardless, I strongly suggest you see Bruno if you missed it.

Good news on the book front: "Toussaint!" is now available on Mac and Blackberry; the Kindle App is free, so you only pay the $9.99 price. Check it out.

"Toussaint!" on Mac and Blackberry!

Okay, off to gym. Will blog more soon. It's been an exhausting month.

And remember, you're in the book.
                                                                 David Toussaint

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