Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tricks and Treats

I've written three columns on gay porn, and I'm placing them all in this blog. The first man, Curtis Hutchinson, is retired, and has left his porn name, Dean Phoenix, in the dust.

Dean Phoenix Rising It's a fascinating story.

I'm sure he'll turn his shoulder, however, if you call him by Dean.

Like all the guys I interviewed, Curtis was sweet and gracious, and didn't ask for special treatment.

Second on my list was Reese Rideout, he speaks like he works; hard, forceful, fun, and unforgettable. He'd be my choice for guest at a dinner party. And if he wanted to squash me with those legs, I wouldn't complain.

Reese's Piece: Rideout the Storm with Randy Blue's Biggest Star: Friday night must be fun at his house!

Finally, I interviewed Chris Rockway, who's the hottest straight gay porn star in the country.

American Booty: Chris Rockway and the Evolution of Gay Porn: And they say porn stars are dumb...

Although, look at that too long and you might go blind.

Rockway talked and talked and talked; not something we expect of our porn stars :) He was a delight. I wish all these men well, I hope you like the columns, and I hope that you stay well.

David Toussaint

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