Friday, November 5, 2010

Dumb*SS of the Week 11/5/10

Yep, it's GAY people. According to several reports, gays voted more Republican than EVER!!! Yay; as that wonder of words Perez Hilton tells us, it's Obama's fault--he's rubber they're glue.....

Here's his link.
Perez REALLY Cares

(No, he really does; honest; he won't even bully people anymore; you know, unless he gets paid to show naked photos).

Okay, dudes, here's the problem. First, Perez et al have a point about Obama; a strong one. But they refuse to do their homework before throwing sand in his face. Barack Obama has actually done more for gay people than ANY OTHER PRESIDENT IN U.S. HISTORY.

Wow, imagine that!!!! I mean, Ann Coulter must have made that up, right?

To quote my friend Farhad, President Obama "passed a hate crimes law that for the first time includes hate crimes against homosexuals. Obama also extended family leave to include gay and lesbians. In the past year and a half, President Obama used his powers to expand federal rights and benefits for gays and lesbians, targeting one government restriction after another in an attempt to change public policy while avoiding a confrontation with Republicans and opponents of gay rights....

Remember, too, that President Bush's (that would be W.) administration wouldn't sign a UN Resolution de-criminalizing homosexuality around the world (the Obama Admins signed it within 3 months of the Presidency).

Okay, not exactly a repeal of DADT or the end of DOMA, but it's probably worth mentioning, right pinky pinkos? And here's the rub: The Republicans have an anti-GAY agenda. To put it in simpler terms, they don't like you. They don't want you to get married, they don't want you to have AIDS funding; many of them would much prefer you end your pesky little insignificant lives.

So you can piss and moan about Obama, but if you think the New House and Emboldened Senate are here to help you, you should probably start getting all your news from Perez Hilton. At least you FEEL better.

--david toussaint

Who Will Win Patron Sunday Saint? Stay Tuned....

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