Sunday, November 7, 2010

Patron Saint Sunday!

Named after the Saint Madonna, of course.

In this messy week, some people did nice things. Good things. Things to talk about, celebrate, even make us, dare we say it, proud? I had lots of people to think about, but my pick for Patron Saint Sunday is none other than Anderson (Android) Cooper.

Not only is he so hot you want to take him out of his closet and wear him for at least a day, he busted the chops of some very stupid people. First there was that dolt Clint McCance Oy Gay Hate, but even more impressive was his attack on the 200 million dollar a day Obamumbai myth supported by none other than everyone's favorite Mad Hatter Michelle Bachmann.

Watch The Coop Here

The Coop in Action

So, thanks, Coop, for keeping them honest. And if you ever want to dump that boyfriend of yours eh, seen better, I'll be sure to make an honest man out of you.

--david toussaint

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