Saturday, November 20, 2010

DumBA*S of the Week

Ah, who to pick? So many to choose from: There's that Flip-Flopper Cindy McCain, along with Flop-Flibber hubby John (my god, let's hope they don't-Flip F*** at home). There's the endless vile of Sarah Palin (you know, she's a given each week, but, quite frankly, I can't bear the thought of staring at a photo of her; and, of course, there's Glenn Beck and his cute anti-Semitism (and we haven't even hit the new House and Senate members).

So who'd I'd choose....

That lovely family man, Tony Perkins. Apparently, the sage thinks gays in the military are going to result in the return of the draft. (Um, Tony, that only happens in those Colt porn flicks you watch at home.) Here's what the wise one had to say this week...Man oh Man if only those guys would come to my home!

It looks as if Mr. Perkins is still desperately seeking to outdo the original Psycho!

Frankly, I think the guy on the left looks less harmless.

Okay, since you were all so good about reading up on a dumbass, I think I should leave you with a really smart...


and life is good again...

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