Thursday, November 19, 2009

DRTy Talk

Make My Book
So how does one sell an e-book in today's world? I'm open to publicity ideas. 

News Flash:
I love FlashForward. Check it out tonight if you've never seen it. I can't watch V, as the alien chick is more butch than I am.

Her Gates Remembered

I feel as if I was privileged to see The Gates,  hyperbole aside. Thanks for this; you will be missed.

Orinn Hatch


Arctic Monkeys (I Just Love them--and the fact that they release a whole EP with each new single.)
Brian Brown
Joseph Fiennes--he has two expressions, and we don't care.
Michael Forman
Marco Giovanini--thanks Vanilli, for teaching me what a "wife beater" is.
Claudia Hanna
Haley Henning
Kevin Ireland
Mary Kaley
Steven Kilmer
Keith Lamont
James Michael McCracken
Colin Richardson
David Brian Sanders
(David's helped me on several of my articles. Check out his web site
DBS Interiors

Okay, I'm off to an Instinct Magazine "thing" this evening. Since I never get invited to "things" I thought I ought to go.

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