Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hats off to The lady with All the Answers, for its much-deserved extension. You'll learn something about Ann Landers, and you'll learn something about acting (Judith Ivey stars in the one-woman show). For my review, and more info, click here.

DRTy-Bastard of the Week
Orrin G. Hatch:
"It's going to be a holy war," the Utah Senator told the Los Angeles Times, in regards to the healtchare debate. Unfortunately, no irony was intended. Read more here.
Ungodly Talk

Tous' Saints for Sunday:
60 Senate Members, for having an American Dream.

Oh, and Johnny Depp was picked as the Sexiest Man Alive, by People Magazine. If Depp ever convinces me she's a man, it'll be the greatest role of her lifetime.

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