Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Five Fantastic Questions: Matt Tratner

Five Fantastic Questions for Fabulous Matt Tratner

Matt Tratner

High School Teacher and New York Club Promoter

Matt's Five Questions
1.) Who's harder to contain, students or club-goers?

Matt: All I can say is, Kids have an excuse for acting like children.

2.) What’s the smartest thing you’ve learned from a student?

Matt: I work with a lot of underprivileged kids and special needs children. I have found that usually the biggest obstacle that prevents you from succeeding is belief in yourself—if you believe you can…then you will!

3.) What’s the most important skill a club promoter can have?

Matt: Smile. Sometimes it just takes a smile to make a lasting impression; most people don't smile enough.

4.) How do you know your friends from your ass-kissers?

Matt: Friends say hello first, ass-kissers ask for drink tickets.

5.) What could Barack Obama learn from you?

Matt: Always have a lesson plan or they will have a plan for you.

Special VIP Velvet Rope Question:
Who would you vote as Sexiest Man Alive?

Matt: First, I thank God hair is back. It was hard enough for me to pluck, wax, and tweeze every inch on my body. I'd have to say I find the more masculine, natural looking man sexier. I would say Hugh Jackman still gets my vote.

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