Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sinners and Saints and 66.9

One can never have enough arm-pit photos.

JC Alvarez
Vivek Batra
William B. Cole
Jacob Gelt Dekker
Dana Delaney
Mark Ingram
Nicholas D. Kristof
Lady GaGa
Laurie Metcalfe
Kathleen Parker
Martha Stewart
Keturah Stickann
Robin Williams

Drty Word of the Week: Kisscucker: A kiss inside a get the idea.

Facebook Quote of the Week:
"Always have a lesson plan or they will have a plan for you."--Matt Tratner, on Obama Advice.
Read it all Here!

Sunday Sinners: Whitehouse Crashers.
American Idol: Claudette Colvin

Real Word of the Week: "Nones." I think it means people who have no religion. I know it's me.

Oh, yeah, and I wrote a column. Read "End to End" here......

Like I said...

---tell me what you want.
I'm in the book.

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