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Five Dramatic Questions for Diva David Pevsner

Five Dramatic Questions for Diva David Pevsner
(Learning More About Your World, One 'Mo at a Time)

Yes, boys and girlfriends, we have him. I go one on one (yeah, u wish) with L.A.-based actor David Pevsner. I've never actually met David, but the last time we slept together I asked him if he wouldn't mind five questions. He very graciously said yes. Of course, I can't tell you what those questions were, but here are five "professional" questions for Mr. Hollywood. Squares need not apply.

David Pevsner


Los Angeles

1. When did you realize you wanted to be an actor?

I used to watch a ton of TV as a kid and would imitate commercials and sing the jingles every moment of the day. How very lowbrow of me…it wasn’t like I had a great love of Shakespeare that made me want to perform; it was the Ajax song. I do consider myself an artist, both as a writer and an actor; but it didn’t start out that way.

2. Many actors I know, if they’re not a TV or film star after 10 years, give it up. What keeps you at it after 25 years?

I think I’m better at it now. A lot of the demons that made me struggle with it and hampered my abilities have, for the most part, gone. I want to work with this new point of view, so I feel more ready than ever. I just have too much left that I want to do.

3. You don’t lie about your age, and you look fantastic. How much harder is it to stay in shape after 40 than before?

I don’t have the metabolism that I had, that’s for sure, and if I get a little lazy about what I eat or working out, yeah, it shows. However, since I’ve done some plays that I’ve had to show some bod in and done some art photos for photographers, it’s a great incentive to keep at it. When I keep it all in balance and don’t let anything get out of hand, keeping in shape is the same as it’s always been. Of course, I say that now, but one’s body can turn on you the very next day.

4. What’s the best thing about being a gay man over the age of 50?

When I turned 50, I made two vows. One, I don’t want to be the cat lady. I have to still get out there and be social and not be satisfied to sit in front of the TV. I can do that when I’m 80. Two, I’m 50, I’m gay, I’m single, and I’m a recovering narcissist…I can’t get fat. Other than that, I don’t know yet. It feels the same as being under the age of 50, except I’ve had a colonoscopy, I have an AARP card, and my hair is crossing over from salt and pepper to gray. I accept all of it, but otherwise…we’ll see.

5. What’s your dream acting part?

It’s more about who I’d love to work with, folks like Joss Whedon, Zwick and Herskovitz, Rob Marshall, Thomas McCarthy, folks who have done work that I love. I’d love to do Tateh in “Ragtime,” and sort of strangely, I’d like to play Tevye in “Fiddler,” just to see if I can do it. And I’d still love to do gay porn.

Bonus Role Playing Question!
Who’s your daddy?

Well, I have a father, but no daddy. I’m open to suggestions; or at least a date, goddamnit. Bring it on, daddy or boy, whatever!
For, um, more of David, go to David Pevsner. And don't bother asking him about porn. I've already booked him solid.
--I'm in the book.
David Toussaint

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