Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Five Smooth Questions for Hot Toddy Boatwright

Christmas comes early this year, folks, as Austin's News 8 Morning Anchorman takes time from breaking both news stories and hearts to answer my queries.

Name: Todd Boatwright

Occupation: Anchorman/Coffee Drinker/Sarah Brightman Fan

City: Austin, Texas


1. Is it true you’re somewhat of a heartthrob in Austin?

That's what some people tell me…haha. I was voted one of Austin's ten most eligible bachelors in 2006, if that counts.

2. Who was the most fun person you’ve interviewed?

Joan Collins. She was the most accommodating, genuinely interested in what I had to say, and very nice, despite her "movie star" persona.

3. What does Anderson Cooper have that you don’t?

A lot more white hair. But I’m getting there!

4. What would you ask Barack Obama, were you to interview him?

"Do you really have to call it the ‘holiday’ tree this year?"

5. You interview people for a living. What does the world need to know about Todd?

Besides loving to cook, and plopping down on the sofa to watch some classic TV, I have a big heart, very spiritual, and genuinely care what other people think.

Bonus Stocking Stuffer Question: There's an image (correctly or incorrectly) of Texans as all being gun-toting fervent Christians. How true or not true is that?

Todd: I don't carry a gun!


--Maybe not, Todd, but we're happy to see you.
For more of Todd, tune into Austin News at 8, as he's the best reason I can think of to get up in the morning--oh, and to watch him on TV too.

Remember, I'm in the book.
David Toussaint

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