Monday, November 23, 2009

Joey Gonzalez: Five Fantastic Questions!

My first of Five Fantastic Questions for Fantastic People.

Joey Gonzalez

Barry's Bootcamp Co-Owner and Fitness Poster Boy

Five Questions
You've become, not just a renowned fitness instructor, but a pin-up boy as well. What's more rewarding, seeing your beautiful body in the mirror, or making someone else's beautiful?

One day I asked my Barry’s Bootcamp role model and former instructor, Bob Harper, if he missed teaching all of his students and fans at Barry’s, to which he responded, “No.” Then he looked me up and down and added, “I got sick of training model boys like you. Now I have the opportunity to change lives.” It took a few years and hundreds of clients to truly understand the implications of that comment. There is something magical about the journey you take with an individual who decides to change his/her body through determination, hard work, and tenacity.

2.) What's your worst food indulgence?

Popcorn and candy at the movies. No matter what diet regimen I'm practicing, I refuse to deprive myself of this sacred ritual.

3.) You used to be an actor. Any desire to perform again?

I moved to L.A. when I was 17, and I quickly learned the difference between acting and "being an actor" in Los Angeles. It wasn't long before I reevaluated my life objectives and began experimenting with other vocational opportunities. In many ways, my two paths have merged as I consistently work on TV and in magazines, as a fitness expert. The desire to "perform" is definitely supplemented by these appearances. To this day it's nerve-wracking!

4.) Is your life as glamorous as you look?

I help operate two studios here in L.A. and just opened my own in San Diego, for which I travel back and forth every week. I'm also in the beginning stages of founding a Dog Rescue Organization called Fido's Rescuers. I have been fostering two beautiful four-week-old puppies since they were three days old, which entails cleaning poo and pee all day long and feeding them from a bottle every two hours--even through the night. Yes, my life is glamorous.

5.) What will you eat on Thanksgiving?

Normally, I would go nuts and eat everything on the table, because that's one of the perks of being in good shape and eating healthy on a regular basis. However, since my birthday is three days later, I'll behave and save it for then.

Bootcamp Bonus Workout Question!
How do you keep your eyebrows shaped like that?

Through maintenance and, of course, stubborn, thick Italian hair.


For more info on this Gonzalez booty, contact Barry's Bootcamp. Tell them Joey spent you.

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